Senvac Extraction Systems

About Us

We, Senvac Extraction System Pvt Ltd, thank you for helping and elevating us since 2010.

We are involved and setting benchmarks in designing and manufacturing world-class Air Pollution Control Equipments which includes Dust, Fume, Oil Mist, Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems. All our products will be supplied in the Brand name of "SENVAC".

We are one of the robust industrial solution providers for Extraction Systems of Air Pollution Control Equipments with world class standards. Our company, operating in adequate space of 20,000 sq.ft., with the latest manufacturing equipments and testing equipments with quality standards of ISO 9001:2015

We Manufacture High/Mid/Low vacuum Dust, Fume, Oil Mist and Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems.

Our Engineering Team that offers world class expertise consists of Application Design Engineers, Innovative Industrial Fabrications, Highly Skilled Project Management and prompt After-Sales service.

Our Business consists of:

Application Projects, Design, Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Erection & Commissioning and Spares Management.

Our Product's Uniqueness:

Cost Effective, Durable, High Standard Design, Smart Handling and Wide range of Industrial Applications.

Senvac Extraction System Senvac Extraction System


To contribute a Clean, Safe Effective and Pollution Free working environment in all industries Worldwide


We aim for innovative and comprehensive quality products by focusing on value and technological based manufacturing products

  • Constant improvement by strengthening the work force for an optimal output
  • Total elimination of wastages
  • Rendering a collaborative work and safe working environment