SHV 1600 ATEX Zone 21/22

SENVAC SHV 1600 vacuum unit is designed for capturing heavy dust and fumes.The vacuum unit is powerful so that it suits for central vacuum system and gathering or collecting the dust from the complete plant.This system is built with high efficient side channel blower blowers to create maximum 2100 m3/hr & maximum vacuum pressure of 3000 mm of WC.

SENVAC SHV 1600 is compatibility with VFD operations which will give more power saving and special extra forced cooling for motors to increase motor life when lower motor speed.


  • High Efficient Side Channel Blower
  • High Efficient Two Pole Induction Motor (IE3)
  • Direct Coupled Blower and Motor
  • Sound Reduction Cabin
  • Inlet & Outlet silencer to maintain Sound Level 80 dbA
  • Vacuum Gauge


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